Since January 2022, 27 local planning authorities have joined the Open Digital Planning community, working in partnership to improve planning services.

ODP services in production

In August 2022, Open Digital Planning launched three new tracks, which aim to make it simpler for applicants to make a planning application and for council officers to process a planning application.

Adopting and designing new services

The following local planning authorities are working together to adopt and design the PlanX and BOPS products for submitting and processing planning applications:

Adopting new services and integrating with existing software

The following local planning authorities have joined Open Digital Planning to implement the PlanX Find Out If You Need Planning Permission service, and the PlanX Application services:

They are working with their existing supplier, Idox, to develop and test integrations between PlanX and the back office system they use to process applications. They will also begin the implementation of a new data standard for planning applications.

Improving existing software products and integrations with service providers

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