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Assessment service

This tool allows Planning Officers to see their workflow, status of applications, plans and constraints. Within the tool they can process and reassign applications and request more information from the applicant.


Our aim is to build a service that is a joy to use. Planners will spend less time searching for information, and have more time to use their planning expertise on higher value work.


Our Assessment Service is a case management system that has been designed with extensive inputs from planning teams, and makes planning data more accessible. Planners spend less time searching for, and requesting information.

Notable features include:

  • Clearly shows the officer's workflow and status of applications
  • All documents and data are shown side-by-side, in one place
  • Shows any constraints picked up when the applicant draws a digital red line boundary
  • Allows officers to amend this red line boundary, and to send a request for approval to applicants
  • All officer-to-applicant communications take place in the service, generating a consistent audit trail
  • Notifications are sent directly to applicants to request new or updated documents

Technical information

The Assessment Service is built on the Back Office Planning System (BOPS), an open source case management system that allows planning teams to validate and assess planning applications.

BOPS services are browser-based and officers access them via your council website. The BOPS applicant module is a browser-based interface that applicants can use when interacting with council staff about their application. Read full technical specifications

The Assessment Service receives application data from Application services built using PlanX.

Integrations with GOV.UK Notify and GOV.UK Pay allow officers to check and amend fees and application details, sending email notifications straight from the system, with a clear audit log of communications.

Team members get individual login accounts, and the developer, Unboxed, can provide training support for digital transformation at your planning authority.

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