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Back Office Planning System (BOPS)

Giving planners the information they need, exactly when they need it, all in one place.

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Designed by planners, for planners

BOPS is a back-office planning system that has been co-designed and tested with planners. Unlike many existing systems that burden planners with manual tasks, it provides planners with the necessary information precisely when they need it, minimising the need to switch between different systems. This reduces noise for planners and gives them more time to focus on what they want to do – planning.

One simple system that meets all a planner’s needs

Planners can use BOPS across the full journey of an application, from validation and assessment to consultation, review and determination. The BOPS applicant module makes it easy for applicants to interact with councils to provide further information or get updates in real time. It also makes neighbour consultation easier, with a seamless digital service for submitting comments.

“It’s smooth and efficient. Everything I need to see is there.”

Planning Officer

Intuitive and easy to set up

BOPS automates standard processes, such as matching legislation to application type. The BOPS configuration platform allows all application types to be centrally updated. It will be expanded to manage permitted development rights and legislation details so that these are always up-to-date. 

With straightforward onboarding and a dedicated admin dashboard for every council, we are working towards a system that can be set up and managed with minimal support.

Integrated for faster processing

BOPS is integrated with PlanX to receive data rich applications and to query site constraints. In the near future, BOPS will be part of a pilot to accept applications from the Planning Portal. BOPS will also integrate with the government’s Planning Data Platform, querying national and local planning datasets and promoting open data.

BOPS also works with GOV.UK Pay and GOV.UK Notify for quick and easy payment processing and neighbour consultation.

A scalable system undergoing rapid development and user testing

BOPS can process all high-volume statutory application types, including householder, minor and major applications.

Based on feedback from real-world use, BOPS will continue to be developed to support improvements to how planners work and to adapt to new requirements. BOPS will work to integrate with emerging projects such as Digital Site Notice and individual council data platforms, bringing data from different sources into one place.

“BOPS allows us to provide our planning teams with software that is accessible and transparent. This leads to a reduction in time spent on administrative and manual processes.”

Juliet Seymour, Head of Policy, Building Control & the Historic Environment, Southwark Council

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