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Open Digital Planning is a community of forward-thinking Local Planning Authorities working together to transform the planning system.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform planning from an approach reliant on documents and physical maps to a data-driven, digital system. We collaborate to share expertise and design better digital planning services to benefit everyone.

Our goals:

  • better equipped planning teams 
  • better served residents, applicants and planning professionals
  • better technology to support faster planning decisions
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Our vision

We have an ambitious ten-year vision from 2023 to 2033, which aims for all local councils in England to benefit from better technology, data and working practices. 

Why it’s needed

The current planning system in England is based around the submission of documents, rather than making the best use of the rich information contained within them.

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Our focus

  • Planning technology

    Making the technology we use every day work for everyone.

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  • Planning data

    Making the data we use accurate and accessible across the planning application process.

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“There's great work being achieved and there's much to be said for government, developer, and local authority collaboration, and the innovations and improvements that derive from this.”

Jenna Rumley, Planning Support & Improvement Manager, Doncaster Council